Schengen Visa Changes bring benefits

31 Jan 2020Applications, Important Notice

All Schengen Visa applicants applying from February 2020 and on, will be subject to the new Schengen Visa Code, which among others foresees an increase in visa fees by 33.3%.

As from February 2020, Schengen visa applicants will need to pay a fee of €80 for adults instead of €60 per application and €40 for minors. Children under six years of age remain free. IMPORTANT: Excludes Lodgement Centre and Visas Zone surcharges, therefore, please request a detailed quotation from our accounts or operations department before submissions because this generally creates confusion amongst the public and our clients.

The EU Council adopted the updated Visa Code in June 2019 (Effective, February 2020), and it applies to all European Union Member States and associate countries that participate in the Schengen Agreement.



  1. The changes come as a relief to many travellers, especially with the Schengen Peak Season around the corner. Applications can now be submitted sooner, now six months in advance instead of 3 in the past.
  2. A harmonised approach to the issuing of multiple entry visas to regular travellers with a positive visa history for a period, which increases gradually from 1 to 5 years. (Terms and conditions apply)
  3. The new visa code also obliges Schengen member countries to outsource visa admission to another Schengen member country, or a visa processing service center in those countries they do not have representation so that visa applicants no longer need to travel to another country juts to apply.


Kindly contact any of our offices if you have any further questions.

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