Schengen and USA – Appointments + Processing Times

21 May 2018Appointments, Processing Times

Please note:

Portugal processing times, Schengen season in general and the United States of America:

  1. Portugal – please note that they require exactly 30 business days to process holiday and business visas. We’ve been in negotiation with them, however, at this point, it’s very difficult to process urgent applications. Will communicate any progress we make.
  2. Schengen visas– The appointments/ applications are picking up quite a bit the past week, includes United Kingdom visas. Please take this into consideration when planning a trip to Schengen territory.
  3. United States of America appointments – these appointments are unfortunately backed up and nationally the next available appointment is mid- May 2018. We do however have our processes in place to negotiate sooner appointments. Please contact your Consultant to discuss in more detail.

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