visa processing delays (Ongoing)

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UK and USA visa processing meltdown

UK visa processing now extends from 4-8 weeks to 8-12 weeks
(Excluding time required to obtain an appointment – click here) Airlines and airport are also struggling to keep up with the demand.)

The demand is increasing, but little to nothing is done by the authorities to help manage the workload. We are inundated with requests, and the public’s desperately seeking their previous Premium Priority Processing option!

Here are some useful tips when applying:

  1. Be Flexible as most airlines still are.
  2. Speak to your Visa consultant about Walk-in appointment options.
  3. Discuss your passport release options when combining UK and EU destinations.

USA appointments are gradually opening in certain countries, but South Africa does not currently seem to form part of this list and still don’t have the option to secure visa appointments during the course 2022.

Handy passport index

Handy passport index

The Passport Index is the original interactive passport ranking tool in the world.

It is the only real-time global ranking of the world’s passports, updated as frequently as new visa waivers and changes are implemented.

Know your entry regulations

Know your entry regulations

These days you need more than a visa, airline ticket and travel bookings to enter a country!

Know your entry requirements before you enter, it may save you time and prevent lengthy immigration queues!

More information is available on our handy Travel Regulations Zone platform.

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