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Up-to-date info on travel restrictions during Covid 19 pandemic.

Our customers’ safety is and always has been our primary objective. For over 20 years, we pride ourselves on providing our travellers with accurate and personalised travel regulations, passports, visas, and health advice to ensure we play our part in them returning home safely.

Until 1 January 2022, we are offering this handy tool free of charge to the public and our regular clients to show our commitment to improving the safety of our travellers, especially when travelling during a pandemic and to help rebuild our industry. This initiative will educate our citizens to ensure a safer future for themselves and those around them. It’s very simple to use and provides detailed information surrounding your travel needs.

The information contains both requirements that must be met, such as whether a visa is required and recommendations such as the prevalence of Covid-19 and many other viruses you may contract when travelling.


Other features:

  • Customs, Currency and Airport Tax information
  • Send to travellers – A link to the personalized advice page can be sent to the traveller.
  • Default options – Define your default values on the passport, visa and health enquiry page.

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