Immigration Suspends $90 Visa-On-Arrival Charge in Lagos Airport

28 Jun 2018Important Notice

Photo Credit: Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
Originally posted by Ella Anetor June 27, 2018 on TrueNews 

News from Nigeria this morning – they have suspended the $90 charge.

Please encourage your travelers to obtain their visas prior to arrival. We have spoken to the visa head and OIS management confirming the suspension.


The Nigerian Immigration Service had to quickly suspend the $90 Visa – On – Arrival charge on foreigners due to outcry of air travellers who insisted they were unaware of the new policy.

But the service still retains the process charges of $20 it collects from foreign air travelers coming into the country.

It was also gathered that the command had implemented the new policy for two days, June 12 and 13, but suspended it due to some knotty issues in the whole exercise.It reintroduced it on Monday, causing chaos at the airport, before finally suspending it again later the same day.

The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Interior, had concessioned the two revenue points to private firms Online Integrated Service (OIS) and New Works, who many believed were incompetent.OIS is in charge of Biometrics Visa-On-Arrival while New Works is taking care of the $20 processing.

Rather than concentrate on training and learning from the immigration personnel, the two firms are more interested in generating revenues.However, a source in Abuja insisted that the two charges are reciprocal. According to the source, some of the countries Nigeria intends to impose the new charges on are already collecting same charges from Nigerian travellers coming into their countries.

Some of the countries, according to the source, are United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa, Kenya and China.

The source said: “Our officers at the Lagos Airport don’t collect any charges from any traveller. The only thing our officers do at the airport is just to profile passports of travellers and ensure that those without concrete missions do not enter our country.

“It is true that we commenced the collection of biometric charges for travellers, but the policy was suspended within two days because of inadequate publicitiy. But we are not reinventing the wheels because this thing is reciprocity. Some of these countries charge our citizens the same amount of money we intend to charge them.”

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