General Schengen, Portugal, UK and USA Processing Times

4 May 2018Processing Times

Please note the following about General Schengen, Portugal processing reminder, United Kingdom and USA processing times:

  1. General Schengen visa processing- The appointments/ applications have increased considerably. Please take this into consideration when planning a trip to Schengen territory. It will be in the best interest of each traveler to allow double the amount of processing time as currently advertised on the Visas Zone website.
  2. Portugal visa processing – please note that they require exactly 30 business days to process holiday and business visas. We’ve been in negotiation with them, however, at this point, it’s very challenging to process urgent applications. Will communicate any progress we make. For those not familiar, all applications are submitted to a Lodgement Centre.
  3. United States of America appointments – these appointments are still very backed up and currently the next available appointment is within 3-4 weeks. We do however have our processes in place to negotiate sooner appointments. Please contact your Consultant to discuss in more detail.
  4. United Kingdom visa processing delays – Visas Zone Management conducted meetings with the United Kingdom authorities and they notified us that all “priority fees” DO NOT guarantee urgent processing:** Normal processing times for all additional priority fees paid generally take 5-7 business days. It can now take 10-15 days due to the national peak season INFLUX. Standard processing generally takes 10-15 business days but due to the influx can take 20-30 business days. **

In addition to the above: all applications/ submissions require an appointment which may delay the process by another week. This is, unfortunately, the reality we face annually with all first world/ popular/ regular countries our clients travel to.
Our visa consultants are well equipped to assist with urgent applications and will do everything in their power to assist.

Please send any urgent requests to and

See below visa costing for all UK visas:
(Take note that all urgent processing options are very expensive but will be suggested by all our Consultants BUT ARE NOT Visas Zone generated rates)

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