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21 Jun 2018Applications, Important Notice

As from 31 July 2018, all applicants for Canadian Visas will be required to submit fingerprints at the Lodgement Centre when applying for visas.

The High Commission of Canada has opened a Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Pretoria to make the processing of a visa for entry into Canada easier and more convenient. Applicants are to submit their application for tourism, work and study visas to Visas Zone. Your dedicated visa consultant will check and collate the application, assist with the online payment and make the appointment on behalf of all applicants.

Please note:

Currently, as we understand, all applicants from any province other than Gauteng need to fly to OR Tambo and submit the application in person. All applicants will be accommodated by a Visas Zone representative to help guide him or her through the process. We also offer shuttle meet and greet services to and from OR Tambo, therefore, please enquire within.

Our office managers are working hard obtaining more information around the logistical aspect around submissions and those having to fly from other provinces just to submit their applications.

We’ve experienced this in the past and generally they use the first two months as a testing and tweaking phase before it rolled out nationally.


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