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21 Apr 2020General, Important Notice

The world is changing; this is clear. Everything related to “travel” will change indefinitely. On the one hand, this makes us nervous; however, at the same time, there’s excitement circulating amongst our peers and fellow travel industry partners. Mother nature’s teaching us new ways to live, forcing humanity to evolve, change its ways and this we find intriguing.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty, and many building blocks which lie ahead, but as always we prefer to remain optimistic and focus on the positive. We will, however, face many battles, some we’ll lose, but believe many we will overcome.

Through it all, our loyalty towards you, our customer will remain intact, and together we will work through the challenges we may face. In support of our communities and loyal customers, we will not increase our fees (Generally April and May of each year). It means you can then enjoy the same service at 2019/ 2020 rates. This is an attempt to help prove our commitment towards you, our industry and the tremendous passion we have for what we do.

Also, note that we are still available on our and platforms if you have any questions regarding future travels. Unfortunately, most Consulates and Embassies are closed during the lockdown, but we can still assist in many other ways.

We found some inspiration from the below article regarding the future of airlines, where our travel adventures begin and end. It’s worth a read and comments are welcome on our social media platforms.


Coronavirus Air Travel: What Needs to Happen Before We Fly Again?

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