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Visa Notifications


7 OCTOBER 2022:

The Nigerian Consulate warned that the visa labels are running low and there’s a delay with the courier to South Africa.

Therefore, visa issuance may be delayed by two weeks.



Good news! Appointment slots are increasingly becoming more and more available.

It is, however, vital to apply for visas well in advance should travelers wish to depart over the Festive Season & prevent unnecessary frustration.



Their authorities have warned that visa volumes are quickly increasing.

Therefore, it is crucial submitting visa applications in the first half of October 2022 should departure be before Christmas. Apply here

Current processing takes 30 – 60 days.



Short-stay visas currently take the longest among all continents. Therefore, if departing over the Festive Season, apply within the next week!

Current processing is up to 60 days!

Please don’t pay for airline tickets for safety until visas are issued. It’s no longer a requirement to qualify for a visa. Provisional bookings are accepted.

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Travel Insurance


For your safety, DO NOT pay for airline tickets until visas are issued. It’s no longer a requirement to qualify for a visa. Provisional bookings are accepted.

Most insurers will offer cancellation and curtailment cover for specific or listed cancellations for unspecified events that must be purchased when the client pays for the trip.

These include events such as not being able to travel because of an unexpected illness, accident, or death before departure preventing the client from traveling, the theft of travel documents, costs incurred as a result of an airline canceling a flight due to civil unrest or an airline or airport strike or a terrorist incident at the destination of the traveler, to name a few…

It is essential to request the specifics before departure from the airline or travel agent surrounding coverage, as each case is different.

CTIA Fuel Shortage


Despite Airports Company South Africa (Acsa) issuing two statements, it claims that the fuel shortage at Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) is not impacting scheduled flights.

However, various airlines report that the fuel situation has significantly impacted their scheduled services.

The industry, therefore, suggests that all passengers arrive up to 3 hours before departure to help prevent any delays.

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