Travel Industry:
Adapting to New Visa Regulations

Flexible Flights

Current realities and constraints to take into consideration when planning a trip:

As many have experienced, the travel industry is in a state of flux as countries around the world implement new visa regulations. This has created challenges for industry businesses, such as Visa & Travel agencies, Accommodation platforms, Airlines, and will continue well into 2023.

Visas Zone is here to help, but the company is facing significant challenges. The divide between the Travel Industry and the public is creating tremendous constraints and service delivery disputes. Processes do not work as they did before Covid-19 hit, and new challenges and clients are expected to adapt and consider the facts.

As the world economy slowly begins to recover, the travel industry will need to adapt to the new reality. Visas Zone is committed to helping its clients navigate the visa process, but services specifically surrounding third party roles (Consulates and Lodgement Centers) will require a significant amount of travel flexibility. With new regulations being implemented all the time, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for everyone involved. Only time will tell how this situation will play out, this too shall pass, but will not happen overnight.

As the pandemic winds down, the travel industry is left to pick up the pieces. It will be a long road to recovery and the public will need to be patient. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the industry, with businesses shutting down and jobs being lost. In the meantime, we can all support the travel industry by planning future trips and provide sufficient time to process visas. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

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Visas Zone is the preferred supplier for travel documentation and visas for some of South Africa’s largest corporates such as Chevron, Shoprite and Rennies Travel Group.