South African Consulates Issuing Visas

Countries and territories with no self-isolation required when entering
(Subject to change without prior notice)

Update: 10 July 2020

More Consulates are opening their doors from next week. Please see two other countries added:


  • Angola Johannesburg Consulate will start issuing visas from 13 July 2020.
  • Angola Pretoria Consulate will start issuing visas from next week, date to be confirmed.
  • Congo republic – Business visas can be issued.
  • Ghana – Business visas can be issued
  • Ivory Coast – Business visas can be issued
  • Mali – Business visas can be issued.
  • Spain – Cape Town and Pretoria offices are only issuing seaman visas as from 7 July 2020, and Visas Zone can collect all outstanding passports which remained under lock and key during the lockdown.
  • Ukraine – Business visas can be issued.
  • United Kingdom – Appointments can be scheduled for visitor and business visas from the week of 13 July 2020.


Unfortunately, at this point, South Africa does not form part of the Travel Corridors list. It means that all those departing South African borders will be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon the arrival. Rules and regulations change hourly, and we remain committed to educating our clients.

Travellers must take into account any local travel restrictions or immigration requirements when making plans to depart from South Africa. Consulate and their Lodgement Centres do not usually issue individual letters to support a person travelling abroad. It’s in the best interest of travellers, and their Travel Agents to double-check with airlines what else may be required.

Where a person holds a valid visa, entry clearance, or Biometric Residence Permit, this demonstrates the basis of their permission to enter/remain in the respected country. The final decision on entry is taken on arrival at each border and under the Immigration Rules. At the current time, the South African authorities have introduced this additional requirement for those leaving the Republic of South Africa on repatriation flights.

Most Consulates are only able to provide this letter to those who have a valid visa or permit to reside (i.e. who live and/or work and/or study on a long-term basis) in the respected country. The letters for those who obtain short-term visit visas, other than in exceptional (e.g. compassionate) circumstances, as short-term visitors do not qualify for repatriation flights under current South African Government regulations.

We request all clients and travellers be patient with the information we share; it can change at any given time.

You may forward any request to and should you want to discuss a particular subject in more depth.

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