Pay Zone: Secure, Quick & Easy Payments

1 Nov 2018Applications, Important Notice

Pay Zone: Secure, Quick & Easy Payments

Visas Zone is embracing the power of technology and we’re very excited introducing various changes in our business model and will be rolled out during the course of 2019. We’ve been working very closely with a strong team of developers to help improve our already high service levels and systems in place. Essentially, like any modern business, technology will be the core of our business to help manage all aspects more efficiently and professionally. Please note that we no longer offer credit card facilities at any of our branches.

Our newest additions to this project are as follows:

  1. Personal company log in Quoting portal which has recently gone live. Kindly email for more information on this and how to secure your customized quoting portal log in. In addition to emailing forms and requirements directly to your inbox, you can now send accurate and transparent quotes directly from our system which saves you time
  2. payment site (Pay Zone) – this portal allows (As one would use on any reputable online shopping website) virtual payments by using your VISA or MASTERCARD. As with any online payment portal, it makes use of 3D secure passwords.

All invoice emails also contain a link for your convenience and can be trusted as it takes you to the following Pay Zone page on our website:

Benefits using Pay Zone

  • Improves service delivery due to better cash flow.
  • Secure payment platform – Quick and easy.
  • P-card/ Travel cards can be used, therefore, lightens the load on internal accounts departments and places the emphasis on the traveller or group co-ordinators.
  • Instant secure payment for clients who wish to pay by credit card. Supports various debit and credit cards
  • Clients or applicants can “float” their cash for 55 days (credit cards are generally 55 days interest-free)

Payment Security

  • When making an online card payment with Visas Zone, your transaction is encrypted.
  • We make use of the latest SSL encryption which encrypts all data sent from the browser to our Payment Gateway (PayGate) in such a way that only the PayGate servers can read.
  • The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is the world standard for secure data transmission over the Internet. SSL uses authentication and encryption technology developed by RSA Data Security Inc.
  • All the mainstream Web browsers support SSL.

Added Extras

  • Card information is not retained by Visas Zone.
  • Card information, upon the client’s request, can be stored by the Payment Provider (PayGate) to shorten the payment process.
  • The payment provider, PayGate, is PCI compliant and authorized to store and process payments for local and international card holders.
  • Payment email notification will be sent for approval and therefore remains the responsibility of all travelers or group coordinators.
  • Reduces Admin clerk’s administration responsibilities.

Banking Tip

Clicking on email links is always risky, however, our gateway allows for completely secure and safe transactions.  It’s just like shopping with a reputable online retailer, we use the exact same technology. HINT: If you ever doubt a link is from a reputable source – Hover over the link and if the sender’s domain pops up then the link is secure. If anything, else, then generally spam or hacker attempt.

If you are still sceptical, you are more than welcome to contact us directly at to validate the details.

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