Notice: UK Website Payment Delays

8 Oct 2018Important Notice, Processing Times

United Kingdom Website Payment Delays


The past few weeks we’ve experienced major delays with most online United Kingdom payments due to technical problems on their website.

It’s been an ongoing “rollercoaster ride”, some days better than others but still an ongoing matter. It’s important our clients are aware as we’ve received various unnecessary service delivery complaints due to their technical difficulties.

We’ve approached numerous managers and staff at different Lodgement Centres but at this point, there does not seem to be a permanent solution to help service our clients better. We’re hoping this will be resolved within this week and will communicate any progress.


Please see the following temporary options and suggestions we’ve implemented:

  1. We request clients personal or company credit cards because using different merchants seem to improve our success rate when making payments.
  2. We’ve linked our cheque account visa cards to the credit cards as this improves efficiency but does not always resolve the issue at hand.
  3. Most clients have a 30-day account but take note that our Consultants are trying to save you, the traveller, time to submit the visa application/s and prevent any time constraints. Therefore, they will forward you the log in details and request payment from your side.
  4. This is not an internal Visas Zone problem and therefore out of our control.
  5. We request your patience when dealing with our Visa Consultants, they’re only trying to help and provide you with the best solution to ensure your visa applications are dealt with timeously.

** Any questions, suggestions or concerns can be emailed to **

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