EU – Spousal and Citizen Visas

1 Jun 2018EU Visas

Please note:

There’s been quite a bit of speculation and uncertainty in the press about EU-SPOUSAL/ CITIZEN visas:

  1. Spouse and direct EU family members (Sons and daughters) are exempt of the visa fee if the original marriage OR Unabridged birth certificate is submitted with each application. The marriage does not have to be registered in the EU country and Unabridged birth certificates remain valid until replaced.
  2. The EU- citizen (Father or mother) needs to travel with in order to qualify for the visa fee waiver program. It’s in your best interest including travel plans even though the respected EU-citizen might join the group at a later stage i.e. provisional itineraries or flights tickets proving he or she will join the same trip at a later stage. If not traveling with then the visa waiver program cannot be considered.
  3. Kindly visit our website for specific requirement on each Schengen state –

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