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The partnership between Visas Zone, the South African Visa Travel Agency, and Bolder Group, the Mauritius-based International fund, corporate and private client services company, is a strategic collaboration that makes compelling business sense.

These two entities complement each other in a manner that aligns with the growing needs of individuals and businesses seeking international business and investment opportunities.

Visas Zone’s expertise in facilitating short-term outbound travel for South African and Mauritian citizens seamlessly integrates with Bolder Group’s knowledge and experience in international personal and corporate structures, creating a powerful synergy.

By combining their strengths, they can provide comprehensive services to clients looking to explore new horizons, offering valuable support for business travellers, businesses and investors seeking seamless access to international markets and investment avenues.

This partnership exemplifies how a Visa Travel Agency and an International financial services company can mutually benefit by facilitating global mobility and capital movement, fostering a win-win relationship for their clientele.

Learn more about the Bolder process and how you can kick-start your business in the country by watching this short video:

Curious about how you can establish your commercial presence in Mauritius through Bolder Group’s assistance?

Over the years, Mauritius has witnessed a steady rise in its popularity among tourists, investors and businesses. Being one of Africa’s economic centres, the island continues to attract wealthy individuals seeking alternative residences and international business opportunities. Mauritius, with its projected wealth growth rate of 75% over the next decade,
emerges as an ideal business destination to set up a company.

By partnering with a reputable corporate administrator, such as Bolder Group, you can realise your international business goals through Mauritius. What’s more, you can easily become a Mauritius resident through your investments and business activities in the country.

Bolder Group is an independent global service provider assisting asset managers, corporations, multinationals and high net-worth individuals. Bolder is present in 18 countries, including Mauritius, where it has positioned itself as an asset to its client base in Africa and globally. Bolder’s Mauritius team specialises in delivering bespoke corporate, funds, governance and private wealth services.

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Visas Zone is the preferred supplier for travel documentation and visas for some of South Africa’s largest corporates such as Chevron, Shoprite and Rennies Travel Group.