UK Priority Visa Processing has returned

The UK High Commission confirmed that a limited amount of Super and Premium Priority visitor visas will be made available weekly.

Turkish E-visa suddenly returns

The visa process makes a total 180 and E-visas can again be applied for through our service offering.

Ongoing UK & USA Visa Processing Delays

The demand is increasing, but little to nothing is done by the authorities to help manage the workload. We are inundated with requests, and the public’s desperately seeking their previous Premium Priority Processing option!

Thailand entry as from 1 July 2022

Thailand Pass registration and the US$10,000 health insurance requirement for foreign visitors will be lifted from 1 July 2022.

Visa Processing Guidelines: What you should know

Just as the world has changed since the outbreak of a pandemic, so too has the business landscape. Our clients have experienced changes in our service module and will continue to do so in the future. We must adapt to these changes in order to provide them with the best possible service.

Travel Industry: Adapting to New Visa Regulations

As many have experienced, the travel industry is in a state of flux as countries around the world implement new visa regulations.

Be flexible

Travelers must please choose flexible flights and accommodation options when planning trips abroad.

Visa Appointments and Processing Constraints

Various Consulates/ Visa Lodgement Centers are still experiencing visa appointment and processing delays, and therefore it is in the traveler’s best interest not to confirm flights prior to obtaining the necessary visa/s.

Winner Announced – Big Travel Survey

Congratulations Derick Humphries, you are the winner of the 2021/2022 survey!

FAQ & Visa Tips

Follow these helpful Visa tips to enjoy a hassle-free business trip or well-deserved holiday.

Welcome to Visas Zone!

Visas Zone is visa consultancy agency specialising in outbound visas for South African citizens and residents. We change the way you perceive visas and simplify your travel arrangements, whether it be for corporate travel or your well-deserved holiday.

About Visas Zone

Market leader since 2002, we understand the urgency of corporate travel and will assist with urgent or same-day visas. We provide a unique service, which includes practical strategies to best suit the traveller’s needs and expectations.  

Our staff is capable of handling your queries promptly and efficiently, with contacts throughout most local Consulates and Embassies. Our service is a cut above the rest and provides personal attention. Contact us to simplify your travel arrangements and experience our prompt corporate service.

Travel Requirements & Forms

For your convenience, we have compiled a comprehensive list with a direct link of regularly updated requirements and forms for most travelled destinations around the world.  

For further information on other travel options, please see Forms & Requirements above, and select a continent, followed by your destination of choice. From there you may either download the necessary forms or send it directly to any inbox!

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At Visas Zone, we provide a unique service which simplifies your travel plans and documentation.

Whether you’re travelling for business or a well-deserved holiday, we make it so much easier by managing the whole process for you. We provide you with all information about Visa and Passport requirements, we supply application forms, we keep you up to date on the approval process and we even deliver all your required documents to you when it’s ready.

Visas Zone makes international travel so much easier.

Every Time You Fly!

Visas Zone is the preferred supplier for travel documentation and visas for some of South Africa’s largest corporates such as Chevron, Shoprite and Rennies Travel Group.